Services at your Brooklyn Vet, your Park Slope Veterinary Hospital

Services at your Brooklyn Vet, Animal Kind Veterinary

If you’re looking for a veterinary in Brooklyn or its surrounding area, then you’re on the right place to find the finest veterinarian experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. Our Brooklyn veterinary clinic is highly committed to providing the utmost quality and compassionate care possible for pets. At our clinic we believe that good medication basically starts with listening to our clients needs and then providing them with proper medical care and appropriate education to better healthcare for their pets.

Brooklyn Veterinary Services


We usually perform many routine spay and neuter surgeries, general soft tissue surgery, mass removal, specific orthopedic procedures, laceration repair, puppy tail and dewclaw removals.

Dental services

Quality dental care is offered at our clinic in Brooklyn. We offer ultrasonic dental procedures such as polishing, scaling, and fluoride application. We also perform tooth extractions, periodontal disease treatment, dental x-rays, plaque prevention gel application, and dental vaccine.

Internal and general medicine

Our veterinarians are experts in endocrinology, immune related diseases, urinary tract problems, heartworm prevention and treatment.

Comprehensive lab examinations

Brooklyn veterinary clinic provides accurate lab results that are necessary to provide the best vet treatment. We carry out parasite screening, blood chemistries, feline heartworm testing, fungal and bacterial cultures, and vaccine titers.

Anesthesia and pain management

Our clinic ensures that the patient is safe and comfortable by monitoring the heart and respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure. We provide inhalants, injectable anesthesia, and a complete multi-modal pain management.

Nutritional counseling

We carry a full line of counseling and prescribe foods that will help keep your pet healthy and very active. Your pets will definitely benefit from balanced diet.